Thursday, August 5, 2010

End of Summer

Summer 2010 has been fun and relaxing for the Reeder family. We started with dance recital and cheerleader camp and then. . . a Disney cruise and Disney World for our 10th anniversary. August means time to get back to football and cheerleading. Hannah took gymnastics at CC's Gymnastics all summer and loves it. She will take again this fall and be back in ballet and tap. Chad is now my next-door neighbor at school! It's a good thing we like each other so much! And the most exciting thing we have to look forward to--Hannah starts kindergarten at Hillcrest this month. She is so ready. We have our school uniforms and school supplies ready. My mom will be her principal and she has the same teacher as my brother and sister did. So there is a lot to look forward to in our ever-busy fall. I don't know what we would do without so much going on. It is tiring but always a blast!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring 2010

Spring time is always fun at the Reeder house with the lull between basketball and football season! We love it when it starts to warm up enough to go outside and play every day after school! We are looking forward to summertime and we have less than 35 days of school to go!
"Peter Cottontail" as Hannah refers to the Easter Bunny, hid eggs outside this year because it was warm and not even raining!
Fun picnicking at Lincoln Parish Park

Hannah and Patsy

Chad turned 35 in March

Easter 2010

Picnic and fishing at Lincoln Parish Park during Spring Break

Hannah's best friend Lana at their first play date

Ice skating for the first time at the Galleria in Dallas

Hairdo with Aunt Haley

Ready for summer in the middle of February, Mom and Dad! See I have my scarf on!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Time 2009

Christmas is one of the most enjoyable times of the year for us. It is such a special time that draws you closer to both God and family, as it should. It was really special this year with Hannah being very aware of the Christmas story. We had lots of discussions about the birth of Jesus, and there's no way we adequately answered her dozens of questions! She was a sheep in our kids' muscial at church and sang songs at her school Christmas party with her class. Santa brought her a scooter and she is a dangerous driver. We spent Christmas Eve at my grandmother Patsy's house after the candlelight service at church, which is my favorite tradition of the season. Chad and I kicked off Christmas break with a trip to the Saints/Cowboys game with his sister, Taffi, and her husband, Britt.

Christmas Break was followed up by a trip to Dallas for the NCA Nationals for my RHS cheerleaders to compete! They did awesome--placing 1st in Sideline Cheer, 2nd in Fight Song, and 4th in Timeout Dance. Check them out at (you can search for Nationals and then Ruston). I was so proud of them! Way to go CATS! Well, school has resumed and that means basketball season at Ruston High for the Reeder family!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


My 21 other children--the RHS varsity cheerleaders!
Halloween costume #1, Snow White, for church

My child who kisses like a puppy!

My super cool cake that Chad got! (Thanks Heather McWhorter Bailey!)

Our annual Christmas pic at Patsy's!

Playing with leaves!

Hannah's genie Halloween costume (#2)

My birthday party at Log Cabin!

Hannah and Bryce

Fall is always so CRAZY for the Reeder household with football season taking up most of our time! We have had fun celebrating my 30th (ugh!) birthday and Halloween. Holly's little boy Bryce came over for a visit and Hannah had a blast. For Halloween, Hannah was Snow White for the Candyland at church and then she decided to go with another costume from her costume stash and was a genie on Saturday night. We had fun trick-or-treating and eating hot dogs with the Brown family! Chad is an amazing husband and spoiled me for my 30th birthday with a big family party, a cool cake, and great gifts. So sweet!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Football Friday Nights!

Hannah and Lily
Give me an "H" for Hannah!

Hannah and RUSTY the Bearcat

Picnic suppers with TRICE!

Singing the RHS Alma Mater at the pep rally

It's fall and that means FOOTBALL FRIDAY NIGHTS for the Reeder household! It is the wildest but most fun time of the year for our family. Between me coaching cheerleaders and Chad coaching football, Hannah is always at events at Ruston High and loves every minute of it. Here are some pics from the first two games--The Bearcats are 2-0! Go RUSTON!

Happy 4th Birthday Hannah!

Hannah turned 4 on September 6th and we celebrated that day with family and then had a big "friend" party on Sept. 12th! The theme was Little Mermaid, as she first asked for in April at Disney World, and she had a blast! Her favorite gift was the Ruthie American Girl doll from Patsy and she's already talking about her 5th birthday party! Thanks to all the family and friends who helped us celebrate. We are blessed to have all of you in our lives!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Great Doctor's Report! Praise the LORD!

Hannah's heart checkup went GREAT! Everything looks the same, which is good news. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts. They still mean so much each time. Chad and I were extra nervous this time because this was when she was initially going to be having a second surgery and thankfully she has not had to! She was also very aware of going to get her heart checked for the first time this visit. Hannah was crying before we left because she didn't want us to take her to have surgery. Sweet girl!